The film is about conquest. Attaining the unattainable. The American journey of the 19th century Polish actress Helena Modjeska as she builds her own persona one day at a time, to become an icon on the American stage. About a California dream, utopian living and artistic freedom. One woman’s commitment to herself, her son, her countries, her beloved Shakespeare and to humanity through her art.



WTTW Chicago PBS broadcasts - A documentary about the life and passions of Polish actress and icon Helena Modjeska in nineteenth century America

“…She was one of the most celebrated actors in America…Modjeska comes thrillingly back to life in Basia Myszynski’s new documentary Modjeska - Woman Triumphant…as enlightening as it is entertaining… with a particular nod to the rapturous photography by the director’s collaborator & film cinematographer Leonard Myszynski.” – Anthony E Anderson, Von KleinSmid Library, USC    

“The captivating documentary reveals the life, career and mystique of Helena Modjeska (1840-1909). Her remarkable story, filled with personal and professional intrigue, is told by a host of international academicians, historians, actors, theater directors and her descendants, each offering details that enhance Modjeska’s legendary status as the consummate actress, mentor and supporter of women’s issues…an inspiration to a new generation of thespians. This film would be a jewel in any collection.” – Stephen Allan Patrick, Library Journal


"A great chance to learn more about Polish actress Helena Modrzejewska and her son, civil engineer and American bridge builder Ralph Modjeski, this coming Sunday 12th of March. Ticket includes 2 films, discussion and access to the Modjeska exhibit."

The WIFTS Foundation Best Director: Basia Myszynski
For Modjeska - Woman Triumphant
“A beautifully created film about an extraordinary woman and artist who crossed cultures and whose life represents an iconic, liberated woman of the nineteenth century.” - Elspeth Tavares, Founder TheWIFTS Foundation