A perspective like no other on the planet. The lead structural engineer of the New York World Trade Center oversees the construction of the world’s tallest towers, a man haunted by their fall and the events of 9/11. The life and work of Leslie E Robertson, a legend in high-rise design and cultural centers across the globe. About innovative structural systems, steel, and wind engineering at its inception. Unique collaborations with renowned architects. A pacifist and advocate for human rights, and a powerful union with a woman who emboldened and ultimately saved him. A story about fulfillment, fragility, a fighting spirit. Told by the guru himself & those closest to him.



“…The film recounts Robertson’s storied career pioneering tall landmark structures, including New York’s World Trade Center, and highlights his unique perspective on innovative uses of steel and wind engineering.”

“…An interesting element of the film is that it explains how the real miracle is actually the length of time during which the World Trade Center resisted the impact and the heat of burning aircraft fuel before collapsing."

“…It also finds the humanity in Robertson: it explores how, after a stint in the navy, he emerged as a pacifist and anti-war activist. It details his life-altering relationship with wife SawTeen See. And it delves into the horror he felt as one of his greatest achievements fell – taking nearly 3,000 people with it."

“…The directors Basia and Leonard Myszynski also dedicated a part of the documentary to his partner and wife SawTeen See trying to blur the preconceived idea of solitary genius that worked without any external input."

"The film explores Robertson’s involvement in the World Trade Center project—both before and after the horrific attacks of 9/11
while documenting his personal journey as master engineer, dedicated activist and devoted partner."

“…The film follows his response to the September 11 attacks as well as his lifelong fight for human rights and peace through service and design…”

"The film was able to straddle the emotionally charged events of 9/11 and the immense impact Les has made on our built environment. A great American storyline that affects us all."

Jonathan Ward, NBBJ Design Partner