First-hand stories on motherhood,
modern medicine & technology in the 21st century


Docuseries (in production) 

The film takes an intimate look at the reproductive journeys of several American women challenged by motherhood and modern medicine in the 21st century. It gives voice to the myriad ways modern women are experiencing motherhood as a technology-mediated decision, a healthcare choice, a social concept and a life-altering event. To be or not to be a mother. Who or what is in control of women’s reproductive health. How outside forces such as coronavirus and advancing technologies influence and intervene in decisions about women’s bodies. Together, these stories weave a tapestry of experiences that define and challenge the meaning of motherhood, while examining the neurology of reproductive consciousness and the future of family.


This is a story of a Filipina working in Tech who takes advantage of an employer subsidized benefit to freeze her eggs. 


An unplanned and complex motherhood journey leads to a couple’s discovery about the mysteries of life and possibility of scientific intervention.

Story Preview:  OPEN WOUND

How a couple’s IVF journey and a woman’s “broken body” experience trigger a career change as she desperately attempts to fill the gaps...not an easy task during a pandemic.

Story Preview: FEMINIST WOMB

This is the story of how a vibrant woman from the Midwest fell in love with a fiercely independent Mexican-Italian Catholic, and together they decided it was time to make a baby. Of course, it’s not so simple.

Story Preview:  EGG HOLY & PURE

This is a story about desire, drive, and divinity for one woman on a mission, and the price she would pay to make her motherhood dream come true.


The story of how a spirited millennial’s desire for a natural childbirth experience intersects with reality. Medical interventions and technology step in.